Thursday, January 22, 2009

HAIRCUTS!! Driving and Reading!

After getting a few hours of sleep Monday morning it was time to take Morgan and Aaron for much needed haircuts! Here are Momo's before pictures....

Aaron got a little driving practice on the way...( he just drove to the front of the neighborhood)

Here is Aaron's after haircut picture....the wind was blowing so his hair was "messed up" when he got in the car but it still looks so much better!

And here is Momo's after!!! We LOVE her new haircut!

That evening, she tried played on the Magic Tree House website for a little while.

We also started reading this Magic Tree House book. We finished reading it on Wednesday.

Aaron checking his facebook after he had band practice on Monday night.

Tuesday morning we did lessons and then Randy and I went into Savannah for Randy's pre eye surgery appointment. We did watch some of the Inaugural events on TV throughout the day. Wednesday was just a normal school day at home and then church in the evening. So far it has been a fairly productive week!!

Youth Lock - In!!!

Sunday night was the youth lock-in at church. After we had a special service to celebrate our pastor's 20 year anniversary as pastor, we headed over to the youth building. Once all 72 teenagers were signed in and divided into teams, we were on our way for the photo scavenger hunt. I had a great team of 7 kids. We were given a list of about 200 random and crazy things we were to get a picture of. Our first stop was our house!! Here are SOME of the pictures we took. This is Lauren and Stephanie, two of the senior girls.

A shampoo Mohawk!

Hand in the cookie jar....

someone falling down the stairs....

Cutting a teammate's hair

The entire team under a bed!!

Fluffy Bunny!

Tin foil hats

Teammate with tin foil in mouth!

Bologna mask!

Antiquing a teammate ( a handful of flour in the face)

Teammate jumping into a pool fully clothed!!! It was FREEZING COLD outside and Aaron jumped into the pool!! The good thing was he just ran across the yard and jumped into a hot shower and put dry clothes on!

Team doing the "duckwalk" across the street. Notice the heavy fog!!

Elvis impersonator

Team on a fence

Team in a tree house

Team in a jacuzzi

Team in pillow fight

Teammate "thrown" into a bush
After we finished all that our house, we headed into town to get some more pictures at my friend, Stephanie's house.

Doing the "YMCA" in front of the YMCA

Eggs and bacon smiley face!

Team playing dead with pennies over their eyes.
A 10 person, 4 level human pyramid.

A "bright" idea

Teammate duct taped to the wall

An ice cube igloo

Drinking from a coffee pot.

We took more pictures....those are just a few of the best ones. After our 2 hour time limit was up, we all went back to the church to hang out for the rest of the night. We all put our pictures from our cameras and made a slide show with ALL the pictures. The kids played man hunt, watched movies, ate, hung out and just had a lot of fun until 8am in the morning!!

Hanging out in the gym.....

and in the hall........

and up in the "loft" . The loft is the upstair in the youth building that is all set up with for the youth to just have a hang out spot.

Playing Guitar Hero 4

Just hanging out around 5am.

It was a lot of fun but by 8am, I think everyone was ready to go home and go to sleep!!! Oh I almost forgot!!! OUR TEAM WON THE SCAVENGER HUNT!!! We ended up with 412 points!!!

Aaron's Birthday Get Together!

Aaron has a small get together on Friday to celebrate his birthday. We got up and headed out early Friday morning to get some "supplies"......aka food for teenagers! Randy had a gig that night, Morgan went to spend the night with Sara and Kristen went over to hang out with Tyler and Olivia at Stephanie's for the evening so it was just Aaron, Ian and I with Aaron's friends, Chris, Jack, Jim, Jesse and Katie. Aaron had invited another friend named Katie but she wasn't able to come so Katie was the only girl!! They all had a great time though. I made chicken nachos for them for dinner as Aaron requested.

As you can see, Jesse was the entertainment!! He is a nut!

Of course the night wouldn't have been complete without some music!

Aaron was still playing his old cymbals that night. His new cymbals( his b-day gift) did finally arrive. I need to get pics of those!

After playing music they all came down for cake. It was Aaron's traditional homemade pound cake with strawberries and cool whip! We had 15 candles for this one.

Aaron being a dork blowing out the candles.
Ian was helping blow them out too.

Jesse and Ian were having a monkey squealing contest!!

After cake they watched some movies. Notice, once again....Jesse being a nut!

and again.....

Aaron, Katie and Ian.

I took Katie home around 11pm and went to pick Kristen and Randy up too. All the guys spent the night. They got up Saturday morning and made pancakes for breakfast before going home. I think Aaron had a good birthday.