Friday, February 22, 2008

Adding to the population....

The population of our hermit crab habitat that is! We adopted four new hermit crabs today. We cleaned out their home and introduced Mr. Crabbs and Squidward to their new family members.
Here they are meeting for the first time. Mr. Crabbs is in the spotted shell and Squidward is in the smaller light colored shell in the corner. The other 4 are the new ones. Yes, the orange shell is Dora and the yellow shell has the Batman logo! Their names are.....Dora and Batman, then we also have T-n-T and Gibson.

Dora, Mr. Crabbs and T-n-T.
Here is their home with all the accessories back in place.
Notice the little orange spot in the corner...that is Dora digging herself down to hide in the soil ( it is actually a product made from coconut shells, not really soil).
If you look close, you can see Squidward peeking out. He is the shy one. There is Gibson in the pointy shell in front of Squidward.

Here is T-n-T exploring.
Mr Crabbs...and Dora hiding underneath...see her orange peeking through?
Momo checking out the new set up after her bath...
and Ian too!

I asked Ian to let me take a nice picture...this is what he did! Little goofy boy!

Batman is coming out to play now. Notice Gibson behind him, he is checking out another empty shell. He decided he really liked it and Kristen, Momo and I got to watch him move out of his old shell and into the new one!! That was very interesting to watch. Momo laughed and said she saw Gibson naked while he switched shells!
And here he is in the new shell....behind Batman. T-n-T is coming to see what is going on!
One more of Batman checking things out now!

Now they have all explored and are all happy in their new home. I just checked on them and 3 of them are hiding in the coconut soil and the the other 3 have found their hiding spots under/around the accessories.

Putt Putt Golf!!!

After making a couple stops and having pizza for lunch, I decided to take the kids to play Putt Putt golf. We had a couple coupons for free games from the summer reading program at the library so we used those. It was fun and the kids really enjoyed it but the cooler and rainy weather was moving in and it was getting a little chilly while we were out there. I did, of course, have my camera with me!!
In no particular order...lots of swingin', ball chasin', smilin', laughin', FUN!!

My cuties.....

And a cute niece too....

Asha doing a dance because she made PAR on this hole.

And another PAR!!

Keeping score...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heading to Savannah...Chugga Chugga.....PANCAKES!!

OK...I know that title is a little crazy! We got up early this morning so we could head to Savannah for a day of fun. I needed to run a couple errands(which didn't end up being very productive) and Asha wanted to look for some shoes at the mall. Aaron made us some yummy pancakes for breakfast but I think,as you will see below, Ian was the most excited about that!

Here is the plate Ian painted just before Christmas at an activity we had at coop.

Here is the choo - choo train on a track pancake Aaron created for Ian!!! Isn't this cool!! Smoke puffs and all!!

Just a silly Momo before we left.

and one of Mama too.....

More of my silly monkey girl!! I guess they were playing with my camera before I got in the car to leave.