Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Some Good Clean Fun......and Puff Paint!!

Randy had to go out of town for a few days this week. He will be home tomorrow. Anyway, tonight, Aaron and Momo had gone to church with friends and Aaron ended up spending the night with Jesse. Kristen and Ian wanted to do something so we headed to the dollar store to get a few cans of shaving cream. Isn't that the normal thing to do when you are bored and need something to do? Well, they had a BLAST!!!Here they are just getting started....we added food coloring to some to make it more interesting.....


Hmmmmm...let's see what happens when you sit in a big pile of shaving cream....

Kristen tried out a shaving cream hairdo!!

And.....Ian grew a beard!

He was getting a handful and clapping his hands so it would "puff" all looked like it was snowing! Kristen was using the back door window as a mirror to work on her hair.

Looking good!!

The finished "do"!!

Ian thought the hairdo was a good idea too! the face painting!

He said he was a snowman!!

A runaway snowman!

HAHAHAH.....silly girl!

A storm was moving in so it was time to clean up!! Hey, who knew clean up could be just as much fun as the mess making?!

I think that might be Ian under all that shaving cream!

Hair washing time!

Once we got the patio cleaned up, we headed inside. Kristen and Ian showered and got some dry clothes on. While they were doing that, I mixed up some puff paint ( white glue, shaving cream, food coloring) for the to paint with inside. This was really neat and looks cool when it drys too. The key is to leave the paint sort of thick and puffy on the paper.

Ian's finished picture. He said it is a blue sky with yellow clouds!!

Kristen's first picture.
Kristen was painting a rainbow so I told her we should use symmetry to make a rainbow picture. I tried it and this is how it turned out....I thought it looked like angel wings....
Kristen's rainbow!
And the symmetrical rainbow turned into a green haired angel!!
All the pictures on the counter drying....

I recommend this craft!! It was easy, a lot of fun and easy to clean up too!! Everything rinsed clean with water.
This is totally unrelated but I wanted to show my new clothes line!! I had Robert make this for me so I could try to save on our electric bill ( it is helping too by the way!!). I am totally loving hanging our clothes out to dry!!! Thanks Robert!!

Fun at Gran Julie's

Gran Julie asked us to feed her fish, chickens and peacocks while she was out of town last weekend. Ian and I went over to take care of everything Sunday afternoon. Ian had so much fun and didn't want to leave. I just happened to have my camera in the car from Michelle's graduation so I took the chance to do a mini photo shoot with Ian. Here he is looking at the goldfish!! He had just fed them.

Next job was feeding the peacock and chickens and collecting the eggs! The peacock, which the kids decided should be named Jade, met us like this!! Isn't he pretty!

Found some eggs!!

Jade and his partner...I can't remember now what the kids named her.

Fluffy chickens!

On the perch...

AWWWW!!! How sweet! They were kissing!

Now this, I believe, was Ian's favorite part. He thought turning the compost was great!! I think he spent about 15 minutes turning it!!

Now just some cute pictures of my little man!!

Later that night, this is how I found Morgan and Papa.....crashed out in the recliner!! Notice here dirty hiney!! She had been outside playing ALL day!

We had a nice Sunday afternoon!