Monday, April 28, 2008

Growing By Leaps and Bounds!

I had to measure Morgan's height for her graduation gown at coop. I decided to measure all of the kids while I had the tape measure out. Here are the results!!

Aaron - 14 years old - 5 feet 10 inches!! He has passed me by just over an inch now!!

Kristen - 11 years old - 5 feet exactly!!

Morgan - 6 years old - 4 feet exactly!!

Ian - 3 years old - 3 feet 1.5 inches!!

Lil'Rob - almost 3 years ( May 31st) - 3 feet .75 inches!!

Earth Week Fun and Playing in the Yard

I had planned to do some crafts and Earth Day activities with the kids on Tuesday but I ended up being gone all day. Thanks Stephanie for coming over and staying with the kids all day for me. Wednesday was coop so we were out for the morning. Since we are starting coop earlier and finishing earlier, we decided to come home for a few hours before church. We even had a chance to take a nap which was nice and made AWANA much easier being a little more rested than usual. So, Thursday, once we were finished with normal schoolwork I took the little kids outside. Aaron and Kristen had gone to help Mrs. Julie (they have been doing this every Thursday afternoon). Lil'Rob was here and Sara came over too. First we went on a nature walk. I gave them each a paper bag to collect their goodies in.

My happy go lucky boy!

Lil'Rob showing me what was in his bag!

Giggly Momo!

On the way back they all wanted to make a wish!! I tried to get Lil'Rob to do it but every time we gave him a "puffer" ( that is what the kids were calling it) he just wanted to stick it in his bag!!
Sara's wish!

Momo's wish!

I love this picture.

Ian's wish...

A pretty butterfly (actually, I think this is probably a moth) we watched in the grass on the way back home.

Once we were back home, we made a globe sun catcher using colored glue on wax paper. These didn't turn out as well because we didn't have them completely flat to dry and the glue ran some so the colors was fun to make though. Our homeschooling neighbors also came over and did this one with us.

Once we had the glue cleaned up from the sun catchers, we dumped out the bags of goodies from our nature walk to make pictures.

Lil'Rob's finished picture.

Ian's finished picture.
We cleaned all the craft stuff up and by then the boys were getting really tired but it was too late for a nap. We decided a bath would be a good way to stay awake.

Well, after the bath, they wanted to go back outside so out we went!! here is Maggie joining in on the fun.

Out came the sidewalk chalk!

Kristen's friend Izzy was trying out for the color guard at school so she came over to practice and show Kristen some of the tricks.
Randy played basketball with Aaron and his friend Zach from down the street. One of the other neighborhood boys in the background watching.

Just having fun!

So pretty!

So happy!!

I love pictures like these. I was just playing with my camera but I think these came out neat.

and still more fun!

We have a fire hydrant in the corner of our yard. It makes a fun photo prop! Although, I think it needs a fresh coat of red paint!
Gotta love this grin!! It will melt your heart!

As you can imagine, when we finally made it inside that night, we had some TIRED kiddos on our hands. It didn't take much to get them to sleep Thursday night!! Another great day at Eagle Star Academy!!