Monday, March 24, 2008

Random pics...Little Chef and Mama

Just a couple random pics from last week. We were making pancakes for dinner one night. Ian was helping me mix them up!

Aaron took this one of me, I look a lot like my mama in this picture!

Just me and the little ones!


Saturday was a nice day. We mostly just hung out at home. I did run into town for a couple errands Saturday morning. Aaron and Kristen went to play paintball for the afternoon for Tyler's b-day. After paintball they went back to the Cockrell's to eat. Randy, Momo, Ian and I just stayed home and enjoyed the day. Saturday evening, Ian, Momo and Sara dyed eggs. Randy and I helped a bit too. I did discover that making the dye with food coloring makes the colors much much better than using the dye kits! We did save some eggs for Kristen to do when she got home but I didn't get any pics of her. Here are the younger kids dyeing!

The pretty eggs!!

Here is what the Easter bunny left!
The kids bright and early checking out the loot!!

Then it was time to dress up for church!! My handsome little man!
Being a little ham!!

Pretty Momo!!

My handsome big boy!
The sun was bright!!
Pretty Kristen (birthday girl too!!)

My 4 beautiful babies!!

My sweet girls!!
Mama's boys!!

They all wanted a pic with their big brother!!

Mama and the boys....
Papa and the boys...
Mama and Papa!!!
Kristen had a couple more gifts to open for her birthday when we got home from church. We saved them for today so she could open some on her actual birthday!


Playing horseshoes!

and Frisbee!!
Ian did some painting!

more horseshoes!

and finally the egg hunt!!

We had such a nice day. We ended it with a yummy dinner of boston butt, mashed taters, corn on the cob, black eyed peas, green beans and deviled eggs of course!! After dinner, we played some games and just hung out, then ate cherry pie for dessert!! It was a wonderful Easter and we best of all was celebrating the resurection Jesus, our saviour and Lord!