Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Splashin'. VBS and life....

Like I mentioned before, we have spent lots of time in the pool. It has been really hot, so between that, and the fact gas is a fortune, the pool has gotten LOTS of use!
Here is Sara and Lil'Rob.

Ian when he was still a little nervous in the water.

Lots of friends to splash around with. Aaron, Kristen, Sara and Chris.

Lil'Rob taking a break and playing on the swings.

Momo the fish!

Aaron, the headless diver!!

Something was funny!

Aaron the stunt diver!


Lil'Rob taking it all in.

Kristen's handstand underwater.

Sara and Ian playing.

Look who's not so nervous anymore!! Once he jumped one time, that was all it took!!

Lil'Rob and Sara again.

Momo the underwater explorer!

Momo doing a front flip underwater.

Kristen and her bestie, Olivia!

Momo jumping off the diving board.

Ian and Avery jumping together!

Avery, Sara, Ian and Momo jumping off the side together to make a big splash!

Aaron just chillin'

Momo chillin'..

More friends just hanging out! Some girls from down the street joined us one day.

More jumping from Ian. See the top of his head in the middle of the splash.

My little daredevil decided he was ready for the diving board!!

There he goes!!


Jumping again....

and yet again.....

Some baby birds in their nest by the pool. Since I took these pics, they have all learned to fly and left the nest!

Aaron and Ian were playing with blocks one night and wanted me to take a picture of their tower.

Last week was Vacation Bible School. I didn't take any pics during the week but we all had a blast. It was a very busy and tiring week but worth it!! I did take pictures of the kids singing Friday night for family night. During the opening, Morgan was asked to hold the Bible during the pledges.

Ian class were the first to sing. He wasn't exactly thrilled I don't think but they still did great! How cute are they!!

Then it was time for the big kids. There were over 300 kids in VBS!! Not all of them were there for the program but a good portion were. Here is Kristen and some of her friends on stage waiting to sing.

Morgan's group on the other side!

Kristen again...

That was tons of fun.
Lastly, I snapped this cute picture of Morgan reading to Lil'Rob and Ian the other morning. So sweet.