Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Another Family Fun Day!!

Randy and I decided to surprise the kids with another family fun day last Tuesday! We told them to get their school work finished and get ready to go but we didn't tell them where we were going. It didn't take them long to get moving and soon we were headed out the door. We went to the Five Star Family Fun Park to ride go karts!! They were having a special deal going on and the best part was since it was in the middle of the day on a weekday, we had the whole place to ourselves for the most part. We had so much fun riding!! Here is Randy and Ian getting ready to go and Momo is in the cart behind them waiting for me to get in with her.

Here are Aaron and Kristen waiting to go in their go-karts!

Out of the shelter and ready to race!

Morgan and I!

Kristen about to take off!

Aaron ready to Race!

Here they come!!

....and there they go!!

After a little while Randy and I switched and he rode with Momo while I rode with Ian.

After an hour or so of riding, we went inside to grab a drink and some nachos.

Next we went over to the putt putt course. Ian made a hole in one on the first hole this time!

Our pretty girls!

Our four AWESOME kiddos!

After a round of golf we had about 15 minutes left so we went back over to the go-karts. Aaron and Kristen rode the big track again, but......

Momo and Ian were allowed to drive the small size kiddie karts!!! They had a blast!

Ian getting strapped in and started!

Back inside for a few arcade games.

Ian and Aaron played some air hockey!

Momo played a virtual ski game.

Aaron always seems to hit the jackpot on the tickets!!

We had a minor delay as we were leaving because the keys ended up being locked in our vehicle. While we waited for the man to come unlock it for us, the kids played on the playground.

Once we were able to leave, we all went to Savannah and had a great dinner at a Japaneese Steakhouse. The food was soooo good and the kids loved watching the chef cook right in front of us at our table. Kristen also took pictures of that but I haven't gotten those pictures from her camera yet. We had such a wonderful day!!