Saturday, November 29, 2008

Odds and Ends...

I have been wanting to try crocheting some slippers so I decided to take a break from the baby blanket I am working on and I made these for Kristen. They aren't perfect but I have the general idea now. I don't think they came out bad for my first attempt and Kristen is happy with them!!!

On Thanksgiving day, Kristen found a ladybug so she took a few pictures of it. The flash wasn't on so the coloring isn't great, but here is the little thanksgiving ladybug!

Kristen made a cake for desert Friday night and she decorated it for Randy and I. Again, no flash. It was a spice cake with cream cheese frosting.

A couple days ago, we were having some fun with Aaron's hair. We parted it in the middle.....

...combed it all out straight while it was wet....

......and then of course put it back in a ponytail!!!

Yes, this was a very random post but I wanted to share these odds and ends!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Backyard Camping!!

The boys wanted to camp out in the backyard Sunday night. They built a big fire and we all hung out outside for a bit. Of course, marshmallows were involved!! Here is the fire!

Papa staying warm.

John watching the fire. He looks deep in thought.

Momo being silly. Yes, it was chilly and yes she is wearing unmatched shorts and tee shirt........that is Momo!

Ian snuggled up by the fire.

Just the kids hanging out.

Sisters having fun.

Momo...I think the flash on the camera was making her squint!

the big boys....

Aaron helping Ian with a marshmallow!

Roasting marshmallows!

Ian was having trouble with his marshmallow because the flames were too hot on his face. The boys pulled a piece of wood out of the fire for him to roast his marshmallow over.

Monday morning, they decided to cook breakfast outside over the fire!! They made bacon, eggs and pancakes!

Here is Grandpa....he was happy to stay inside where it was warm to have his breakfast!!

Aaron and John spent Monday night in the tent as well, but we didn't get breakfast this morning. I think they will be sleeping inside tonight though since it is supposed to be in the 20's!! BRRRRRR

Painted Toast, Another haircut and Randomness!

Last week, we were learning about Joseph and his coat of many colors in history. There were several suggestions for "colorful" activities but I decided we would do this activity, our friend, Sadie told me about. We painted bread!! This is a great activity. The kids loved it and it was quick, and easy and very inexpensive!!

Ian had some help writing his name on his!

Momo's ready for the toaster!

Ian's ready to go in the toaster!
The finished piece!!

Kristen's ready for the toaster. (The "Liv" on hers is for her best friend, Olivia.)

Time to eat it!!

Momo's finished toast!

Kristen has been wanting to get her haircut. Heather came over and cut it for her as practice for her future career in cosmetology.

The finished look. She shortened it a bit and cut layers.

Some creative photography by Aaron.....can you guess what this is?

Kristen and her friend Becca.

A pretty rainbow we saw over our house after a few rainy days.