Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas Afternoon and Night!

After a fun morning we loaded up and headed out to visit Uncle Robert, Aunt Dawn, Linzy, Michelle and Lil Rob for a bit. The kids had fun playing on Lil' Rob's John Deere!

Little guys playing with "big trucks"!

More gifts to open! Lil Rob opening his from us.

Ian opening his from them! A big Truck!!

Momo got the Webkinz Bulldog!!

and Kristen got the Clydesdale horse!!

Ian decided he needed to practice his drum playing while we were there! Trey gave him a little help.

Momo and Lil' Rob playing a game.

Uncle Robert ( my brother) doing something...

Aaron got in a little drum practice too!!

Big Rob, Lil Rob

Big Rob, Lil Rob and Aunt Chandra too!!

Our family getting ready to leave Robert and Dawn's. This is the first picture we have of all 6 of us together!!

Just me.

Next stop was a visit to Uncle Carroll ( Randy's brother), Aunt Gina and Grandpa( Randy's daddy). Here are Randy and Carroll.


Momo and Ian had a blast singing with the microphones while we were there!

Aaron being cool!

Cousin Rebecca! They are the same age.

You can't go visit Uncle Carroll without a little bit of golf in there somewhere...even if it means in the living room!!

the kids and Grandpa.

Randy and his daddy!

Grandpa again.

Well, that wraps up our Christmas. As you can see, there was lots to see and do and lots of fun for everyone. It is so nice to have such a big family to share the holidays with. We are so blessed.

Christmas Morning!!

We were up bright and early Christmas morning! Actually, the kids let us sleep until about 8AM so that wasn't so bad. Here is Momo, excited to go out to see if Santa came!

This is what we found!!

Kristen checking out her porcelain doll.

..and very happy with the MP3 player!

Mama and Momo checking things out

Ian was just mesmerized with it all!!

Aaron looking in his stocking! Excuse the unbrushed hair!!


Momo was happy with her Webkinz!

It's Buzz Lightyear!!

Out in the garage to try out the ping pong table!!

It's Woody too!!

a new bike for Kristen!

PSP2 for Aaron!!

a scooter for Momo!

and a trike for Ian too!

Uncle John John's dog, Munstar had to get in on the excitement too. He is helping Momo with her Island Princess Barbie!

Pure excitement!!

Everyone taking it all in!

Uncle Johnny helping Ian with a hot wheels track!

Momo couldn't wait to start painting on her new easel!!

Guitar Hero!!

Papa setting up another race track!

Some Christmas lovin'!

Opening the nerf gun from Aunt Judy!

Sew a Build a Bear kit from Aunt Judy!

Opening her gift from Uncle Johnny, a movie and a Webkinz!

A big remote control truck from Uncle Johnny!

Aaron and Papa modeling their new hats.

The ping pong tournament! Randy vs. Ian, with help from Trey.

Roger cooked a nice breakfast for all of us!!

Randy beats Trey!

Now Tony's attempt to beat Randy....

Figuring it out!

Asha vs. Aaron now!

and last.......Me with my Lil' brother.