Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Downtown Savannah and A Visit With Baby Jacey!

Our next outing with Alison's crew was a day in downtown Savannah. We went to River Street to walk and look around.

This picture of Momo is really overexposed but I love how you can see how blue her eyes are.

Kristen and Randy...

Heather and Aaron.
We were waiting outside one of the shops while Alison went in to look for something.....not really sure why Eric had Taejan pinned on the wall.....I think they were singing the fillet of fish song!

Monkeys in the trees!

Declan and Ian discussing life in the shade...

We tried a new place for lunch and we all loved it!!!

We decided to walk a bit and go see the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist. Well, during our walk, we introduced our friends to a Ga downpour!! We ran up under an overhang to get out of the rain....

When the rain slowed up, we started walking again. We made it to the cathedral 10 minutes after they closed for the day!!! Oh well, it was a fun walk!! After we got home and cleaned up a bit, Alison and I ran over to see Jacey for a minute! I think Jacy didn't want her picture taken! She is exactly one week old here.

I even shared her and let Alison hold her for a few minutes!

My Sweet Niece!!

Kristen loves Jacey!!

Such kissable little cheeks!

At The Beach With Alison and Crew!

We decided to head out to Tybee Sunday. We had a great time although it was a little chilly and the water was cold. Here is part of the gang on the pier as we were just getting to the beach.

Aaron and Declan.

My sweet boy!

Ian and Declan.

Momo and Jadziah.....

It didn't take long for the kids to hit the water......the cold didn't bother them at all.

Momo and Declan planning their attack on the waves.


Noah and Ian

Momo relaxing in the waves

I love this picture of Momo and Jadziah......

Momo found a piece of driftwood.

I think Alison was a little outnumbered!!

Aaron dug a big ol' hole!

Alison and Eric

Declan and Ian played Frisbee.

Alison, Kristen, Jadziah and I walked down the beach. We came up on this huge jelly fish washed up on sand.

Kristen and Jadziah on the rocks...

Alison and I on the rocks, ( I hate this pic of me, I look huge)

Jadziah writing her name in the sand.

Aaron and Noah

The kids playing together....

Before leaving we tried to put all the kids in the hole Aaron dug!