Thursday, September 27, 2007

Critters!! An Outing

OK, This will get us all caught up with the blog again. Tuesday, the local home school group planned an outing that we attended. They had scheduled a lady to come and show us her critters!! We met at the library park and got to see lots of neat critters, pet all of them and even hold some too!! Papa, took the day off to join us, so that was a nice treat to have him along!! Of course.....I took lots of pictures.

The Chinchilla!


Ian was more interested in the playground than the animals!


The Hedgehog!

The Tortoises

Momo decided she would stick to holding the little one...

Papa did too!

Sara just wanted to pet the little one!

Petting the Big one

BUT!!! Kristen held the BIG one!!

The feather footed rooster!

These last two were getting ready to head out to coop yesterday morning.

Rocket Science ...part two!

So, if you remember from back a couple months ago, I made a post titled Rocket Science. Well, this past weekend, Randy and Aaron pulled out Aaron's rocket and launched it. It was a lot of fun. The first couple trys went well, but the third time, the parachute didn't come out so the kids had to go search for the rocket. They were able to find it and there were only a few minor repairs needed.

Getting the launch pad set....

Attaching the cables

The audience!


The Retrieval - checking for any damage

Looks good!! Let's get ready for another launch!

Kristen just posing...

Here is a video of the blast off.....I know it is sideways but I don't feel like taking the time to edit it right now!!

Cousin, a craft and some pics from the summer!

Last Friday we had Lil' Rob over for a visit. Ian was so excited to have his cousin come over to play for a bit. They were so cute together.

Monday afternoon, the kids worked on an art project. They made some leaves using crayon shavings and wax paper. The leaves came out really pretty!! Our neighbor Sara...aka...Sa Sa (say-say) came over to do it with us.

Here are just a couple pics from back in June when Aaron and Kristen went on a camping trip with Aunt Kay and Uncle Nicky to Clark Hill.

A Day of Remembrance

September 17th marked 3 years since we lost someone very special to our family. We have made it our tradition to go out to the cemetary each year on that day and let the kids release balloons. At the funeral, the grandkids all released balloons so that is where this idea came from. I was debating whether or not I should post this on our school blog, but I decided, this is a big thing in our lives so I needed to include it here as well.
Last Monday, Randy took the day off and stayed home with us. We got ready and ran to town to pick up the balloons and something for lunch. Then we headed out to the cemetary and had a picnic lunch at Grandma's graveside. The weather was so nice. We spent some time just hanging out, Aaron and Kristen played cards and the kids all played in the grassy area beside the cemmetary. After a little bit, we got the balloons out and released them. Here are the pics.....

Papa, getting the balloons ready

The kids putting hugs and kisses on the balloons to send to Grandma.


This picture was so neat to me.....if you notice the one long ray of sunshine reaching down to where the balloons were going up......almost like "Grandma" was reaching down to get all the hugs and kisses !!!

Watching the balloons go up...

It was a really nice time of remembering someone so special. She would have loved it. Later that afternoon, the kids and I went for a ride to see my brothers for a few minutes and then to visit my grandmother (Mema, as the kids call her). The day is not easy, and lots of tears are shed, but even still, it was a great way to spend the day.