Saturday, August 30, 2008

Week 5 - Much Better!! Lots of Fun!!

I guess I was wrong, I do have a couple pictures from the end of week 4. Here is a little bird that stopped to rest on one of the patio chairs one evening. I wasn't home but Randy snapped a couple pictures for me.

Ian got his hair cut a couple weeks ago. This is the first picture I took of his new cut. He was having some fun with stickers!

Momo and I working on her LLATL one afternoon.

Silly faces!! Flattering, I know.

This is what the sky looked like as Faye was making her way through last Thursday night. The color in the picture is really what it actually looked like.

Monday morning we had a fun field day with some of our neighbors. We had planned to do it the Friday before, but we had to postpone it due to the weather. The kids were getting ready to do a scavenger hunt.

Kristen helping one of the little guys.

Aaron helping Dillon.

It was hot so we took a break to get something to drink.

Next event was the sack races!! Ian and Alex getting ready.

They're off!! Ian loved this and did great at it!!

Everyone at the starting line.

There they go!

Morgan and Sara racing!

The big boys wouldn't do it with the little people so we made them do it alone.

They weren't quite as successful as the younger kids.

UMMM....Aaron, I think you lost your sack!

After the sack racing, they did a version of the egg/spoon race. We used golf balls in a spoon instead of eggs.

They raced alone a couple times then they did it as a relay.

Just some free fun!

The little ones did a treasure hunt.

"X" marks the spot!!

The treasure was coloring/activity books and pencils.

Boys will be boys!! Sword fighting.

Chris and Aaron went and got the 4-wheeler and hooked the wagon onto it to take the kids for a ride. They just rode them around the yard.

Ian wasn't really happy about having to get out of the wagon when his turn was over. He needed a minute to pout, then he was fine.

We all had a picnic lunch together after the games.

Momo was enjoying a cupcake from Mrs. Melissa.

After the picnic, we did a little show and tell. The kids all made something recycled to show.

Sara made a suncatcher from an old CD.

Ian made a pencil holder from a plastic 2 liter bottle.

Kristen made a purse from a milk jug.

Momo made a rain gauge from a 2 liter bottle.

Aaron made a bag to hold his drum sticks from the leg of an old pair of jeans.

Here is the whole group just before we all went home to cool off and rest a bit.

Just a random picture of Kristen.

I finally got the time line for our history made and up on the wall. Here it is so far.

We also did lots of hands on activities for history this week. Here the kids are making cuniform tablets. We were learning about the Summerians.

Ian was giving me a geography lesson.

And then he was teaching me the colors.

Kristen's cuniform.

Aaron's cuniform.

and Ian's!

Next, they tried to build a ziggurat using sugar cubes.

Ian just used the sugar cubes for some fine motor skill work. He stacked them up,

lined them up....
and made the letter C with them.

Thursday we learned about the tower of Babel. The kids tried making towers using spaghetti noodles and marshmellows!! This is a fun activity!!

Ummm...I think Momo misplaced a marshmellow!! Can you find it?

We had a good week and made up for the week before not being so great.