Saturday, September 27, 2008

Week 9 - A nice week of fun and learning and a mini photo shoot too!

We started week 9 with a relaxing Monday. The kids all did school but we didn't get started until around 11 or so. We all slept late as we recovered from the busy weekend and then Uncle Terry stopped by for a little bit. I worked Monday night and Kristen went to her girl's small group meeting. They actually went to the local nursing home to paint the female residents finger nails!! Tuesday morning was normal school and then I headed for work for the afternoon. We stayed home Wednesday except for Kristen going to help Gran Julie for a couple hours in the afternoon. Then Wednesday night was church. Thursday and Friday were just school days at home. The weather was cool so we enjoyed being outside some too. Aaron and I and our neighbor, Chris, went to the gym to work out Thursday night.

Here is Aaron at some point during the week working on his math.

Momo is getting close to finishing up her science unit on weather. Here she is with some of the books she has been looking at and reading all about weather!

Working on an activity for her lapbook.

Making a thermometer for the weather pocket book she is making.

Finished thermometer!!

Our neighbors have started digging their pond behind their house. Well, you can just imagine Ian's excitement when he saw these drive up Thursday afternoon!!

A self portrait of Kristen and Ian.

Kristen decided she was going to do a little photo shoot of Ian after she took these first few pics.

The beginning of the photo shoot!! I think she got some really great shots!! There are some cute pics, even if Ian had a dirty face!!
I really like this one!

I like this one too!

More self photography!

The girls made "antique" maps for part of their history. After they colored and labeled them, they balled the paper up and dipped it in tea to give it a stained look. Once the maps had dried, the burned the edges.

Ian just being silly!

We started a pocket book on the Ancient Civilizations to go along with the MOH lessons.
We also finally started our family fitness/PE program. Ian fell asleep before we got a chance to do it so he wasn't part of the fun this time. Here are Aaron, Kristen and Momo playing a game where they had to throw a ball onto the roof and the do 5 jumping jacks. The next person in line would catch the ball and repeat!

After that we ran around the house stopping at each corner to do various things, such as jumping jacks, push ups and such. Then we did some other running exercises. Aaron said they were called "suicides".

We were tired after all that!

While we cooled off and had a drink, we worked on learning the major bones of the body. Then we played our own version of Simon Says.....Simon says...touch your clavicle!!
Friday was another nice day at home. After we finished up school for the day it was time for Kristen to give Maggie her bath. After her bath, I gave her a haircut!! This is only the second time I have done it and the first time I just held her while my friend, Stephanie, did the cutting. I don't think I did too bad and she looks all pretty now!!

Finally, here are a couple pictures of Ian helping Grandpa walk back to his room after eating supper the other night. How sweet is this? I am so thankful and feel so blessed that the kids ( and Randy and I) are able to have this time with Grandpa. I know these will be memories we will carry with us forever.

I am finally up to date again!! As you can see, there has been lots of learning, living, loving and FUN!! going on here the past month!!