Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chips and Dip, Soup for Supper and Lapbooks!!

As with anything, some days of homeschooling can be a little more trying than others. Today just happened to be one of those days. I think it was a combination of several things, including all of us being tired and the weather being gray and dreary. Anyway, we made it through the day and actually got a good bit accomplished. What is better to end a dreary day in a good way......a big ol' pot of homemade vegetable beef soup and cornbread muffins of course!! Here is dinner simmering away while we finished up so school work this afternoon. It was YUMMY!!!

Here is Kristen this afternoon putting her lapbook on Invertebrates together.

And here is Momo finishing up her phonics while she and Ian snacked on some chips and dip!

Morgan also finished her lapbook this morning. She did hers on penguins and learned a lot of interesting facts!!

Here are pics of Kristen's finished lapbook on Invertebrates.

I finally got around to taking some pictures of the impromtu lapbook Kristen did a couple weeks ago on Helen Keller. She had to do a mini research report and asked to make it into a lapbook!!

Pictures coming soon of Aaron's lapbook he is working on about slavery. is time to settle in for the night and maybe get off to a better start tomorrow!!

Fun with Friends at the YMCA!!

We had our usual fun afternoon after coop Wednesday. We usually just go hang out with Stephanie, Tyler, Morgan(Lulu) and Cade but yesterday we decided to go hang out with them at the YMCA gym! We just let the kids run wild and play for about an hour or so. They had a blast. Stephanie's hubby, Scott, is on vacation this week so he went with us. He and Aaron have been wanting to work out in the weight room so that is what they did. The younger kids can't go in there so I just snuck in and snapped a couple pics of them doing weights. The pics are kinda blurry since the kids were running around so much. It's hard to take pictures of moving objects!! Anyway, we had lots of fun. Afterwards, we ran back over to Stephanie's to eat and then back out the door for AWANA. Here are lots of pics of the kids at the "Y".

Ian was running towards me saying " Cool Mama!! Dis is AWESOME!!!!"

Scott showing Aaron what to do...

Aaron's turn

Follow the leader!

Cute girls, Morgan (aka Momo) and Morgan (aka Lulu)

Running laps



Kristen trying to explain a game

Ball Balancing!

Sleepy boy now!

Bubble gum bubblegum........trying to decide who is going to be "it" for freeze tag.

Stephanie and Cade

This is the same pic from above, I changed it to black and white and thought it looked neat.