Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Baking, Remodeling and Jacey!

Let me go ahead and apologize now. I have gotten so far behind here and have so many pictures, I just want to get them all posted. They are probably not going to be in order at all. I am probably not going to write a lot. I hope you enjoy looking anyway.......
Here are some yummy whole wheat cinnamon rolls and peanut butter brownies we baked one day. We have been milling wheat to make our own flour!

Lots of pics of Jacey!! She has changed a lot since these pictures but I want to show her off anyway!

Sleepy baby!

Ian is so in love with his little cousin. He can't wait to teach her lots of lessons about life!

Here are some pictures of the remodeling we did. Johnny came over and we closed in part of our garage to make a new school/computer room!! These are totally backwards...sorry...this is inside the room in process....
Hanging the sheet rock on the outside (in the garage)

Sheet rock on the inside of the room

Ian had a good time "helping"

Aaron helped cut the sheet rock

While the guys worked, we played with Jacey!!

Cutting the hole in the wall for the door!!

The beginning of the hole in the wall!!

Aren't these the prettiest little lips ever?

Framing the walls

One post down.....lots to go!!

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Sadie said...

That was a ton of pictures and catching up, LOLOLOL!!! Jacey is an absolute doll baby. Your garden is looking awesome ~ I love harvesting our fresh veggies too! I LOVE LOVE the kids new room, so cute!! Can't wait to see the school room!