Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Momo and Ian's New Room

When we added the new school/computer room ( I just realized I haven't taken pics of the finished room) we turned the old school room into a room for Momo and Ian. You may remember, this room used to be a dark cranberry red!! Now it is tangerine, safari themed!! Here is Ian in his new bed for the first time!! We found these nice yellow ( they are a brighter yellow than they look here) at a local funiture store.

Momo in her new bed for the first time!!

Looking across the room from the closet, this is Ian's bed. The tree in the framed picture was drawn by Stephanie, and then I painted the canvass.

After Randy painted the walls, Stephanie came over and drew some pictures on the wall to match the quilts. Stephanie, Kristen and I painted them. The big tree is painted on the wall.

Looking across the room towards the door. The cheetah and leaf above are painted on the wall. Ian says this is a nice cheetah and he chases away all the bad dreams!!

The window and Momo's bed looking in from the door. The animals above the window are wall clings. There are also some of these randomly placed since I allowed Momo to stick them where she wanted them.

I finished the room with wooden letters above their beds, spelling out their names. I painted the letters and glued the small wooden animals on each one. The yellow flower under Momo's name is painted on the wall.

The leaves under Ian's name are also painted on the wall.

I am very happy with how the room turned out! I found the quilts online and fell in love with them.

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Alison said...

wow...i LOVE it.. hard to believe that's the same room!!!